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Making your business successful (i.e. generating more visitors and business) is a complex process and a large part of that nowadays relies on, or certainly involves, online success. Particularly important is the need to be successful in the Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) through the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).   But in addition to this you also need to be thinking about social media and YouTube.

With SEO, many factors come into play: your website’s content, technical aspects, social media, visitor activity, links, competitor activity and more.  And all of this activity has to be tracked, monitored and understood, and then plans made and actioned.  And all of this in the world of constant changes and updates by Google.  Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is no easier and requires an understanding of how these platforms work and what you need to do.

Sometimes you just need someone to explain this stuff, tell you what you need to be doing, and how – without breaking the bank.   Especially in the early days of your business (the start-up phase) or if you realise you aren’t doing enough online, or don’t understand it.

How can I help?

I have extensive experience with SEO (ranking on Google), and using social media for business.  I provide:

SEO and Social Media Consulting + Training Services

See the details below, but in essence what I do with my Consulting service is:

  • Talk to you and learn about your business.
  • Meet with you regularly where we talk and discuss your online requirements and opportunities
  • Help you implement your online activities with help and training as required.
  • Answer questions that you may have about “going online” with your business.

It’s a fluid service, we’ll address your needs as they arise and there is no contract.

My Objectives

  1. To be a valuable asset to your business and to make your online activities as easy for you as possible.
  2. To ensure you see positive business growth from our work together.
  3. To ensure that at as we go you are able to undertake your own online work.


I look forward to helping you.

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