Google My Business Allows You To Add “Delivery” or “Takeaway Available” to Your GMB Name

Hi, g’day folk. Ashley from Website Strategies here. This one is for café or restaurant owners who provide a delivery or takeaway service. Watch the video below to find out more.

So, you can’t have diners in anymore but if you do provide a delivery or takeaway service then you can make this information, the fact that you provide that delivery or takeaway service, more prominent on Google, on your Google My Business Knowledge Panel.

Now, what your Google My Business Knowledge Panel is, is the large “brand feature” that appears when people search for your name, or for your type of service.

brand search


So, if we do a search for, say I want “Greek food”, I know I can’t go sit in your restaurant but if you delivered then we want to make that obvious right here:


serp results - add delivery or takeaway


So, if I’m looking for Greek food … Now, I don’t know these restaurants, I’ve just done a search. So this restaurant Spero here, if they were to provide a delivery service, (and I don’t know if they do or they don’t) but if they did, then Google will now allow you to add that information to your name right here.

So, you would have Spero “delivery available” or “takeaway available” after your name. Now, Google doesn’t usually allow this because under normal circumstances Google sees this as adding keywords into your name, and they don’t really allow it because it sort of effects their results, but these aren’t normal circumstances, and it has been confirmed that Google will allow you now to put that useful information right here in your Google My Business name, and that will appear in your Knowledge Panel.

Now, your Google Knowledge Panel is this large feature that appears if you do a search for your name. So if you look up Spero for instance here it is here. You get this large Knowledge Panel to appear right here. This is exactly the same information that just appeared in the map here. It’s all linked. It’s all together. It all comes from the same source. It comes from your Google My Business page or GMB account, and you can manage all of this information yourself. So ideally, you’d know how to access all this, and change your name.

So effectively, what you’re going to do is go into your Google My Business and change your name, and put after your name delivery available, or takeaway available, or curbside delivery, or whatever it might be that you’re doing in order to survive in these grim times. So if you can access your Google My Business panel you should be able to log in there, go to Google My Business, once you’re in Google My Business, so it’s … This is mine:


add delivery or takeaway


I don’t own a restaurant but I’ll show you how to do it. Once you have logged into your Google My Business you have all of this information here.

And one of these panels here is info. Once you go in there you’ve got your business name here, which you can edit. You go in there and whatever your name will be there, and you can add in there afterwards “delivery available” or “takeaway available”, and apply that. That will update and what that will then do is for some period of time, minutes, or hours, hopefully, that will appear here. Now, that will help you if you are a Greek restaurant and I’m looking for Greek food for instance.

I can’t go out and dine, but who delivers it in my area? These guys, if they had delivery available, that would make this stand out, so immediately you’d see which ones deliver, and then you’d go in there and you’d contact them, contact your business. So there’s a tip for just getting a bit more exposure around the fact that you deliver, and what you would also want to do of course if you do deliver is make sure this is really obvious on your website now as well.

So, if it says delivery there, people are going to go to your website. Sorry Spero to make an example of you here, but this is just for demonstration purposes. Once again, I don’t know these guys or anything. I’ve never even dined there. They look really good, but if these guys were to deliver I’d be putting that all over your website really prominent and really obvious, delivery’s available and whatever that involves, whatever area you may cover, and get that all updated as quickly as possible.

So update your website with the fact that you deliver now, or provide takeaway service, and get your Google My Business page modified as well so that becomes obvious when someone does a search for your type of food, that you appear, and it doesn’t matter what it might be. I might want Indian food, here they go. So these people need to start saying delivery available if that’s what they do. Google will allow it I’d gather while the crisis is on and then it’ll change. You’ll have to take it off but they definitely stated at this point that you can do that, and it’ll make that obvious there.

If you’ve updated your website with delivery available of course, you may start to appear in here with delivery available as well if you update some of this information. That’s another story, but there it is. I hope that helps. Cheers. Bye.

Ashley Bryan is an Internet Strategist and a Website Optimisation Consultant located on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with over 19 years' experience. He owns WebsiteStrategies which serves businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

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