Are you a local Sunshine Coast business looking For SEO Services?

I provide SEO services to Sunshine Coast business – these are my local market; I live in Mountain Creek and operate my business from my home office.

My services consist of helping local businesses with the SEO issues and challenges that they make face – I offer a problem-solving approach.

What’s involved with SEO?

The best SEO involves a longer-term strategy – the days of building some links and pushing websites, which otherwise don’t deserve to be there, to the top of the Google search results are long gone.  There is no quick solution – it’s a complicated and time-consuming industry. My approach is to understand how Google works and functions in general, and specifically with your business and industry and combine this common sense approach with data analysis in order to develop strategy and action plans which improve your Organic (Search Engine) visibility.

As an SEO Consultant, what SEO problems do I help with?

I assist with any SEO problem that you may have, whether it be large or small, simple or complicated.  There are no dumb questions.  Many of the challenges that place my clients include problem such as “my website doesn’t rank for my target phrases”, my competitors rank higher than me”, and “I have no idea how to improve the rankings of my website in the Google search results”.  Yopu pose the question or problem, and I take it from there: I develop a plan, identify and assign resources (they could be yours). cost it up and set expectations.

How can I help with your SEO?

I can help local Sunshine Coast businesses with their SEO in a number of ways:

  1. Expert SEO Advice and Recommendations. I can do the heavy lifting and do the measuring, analysis, planning and recommending and you action it if you have the internal resources. This often works well when the client has a staff member that can learn and do the work.  Often with this, 5 hours of my time in the planning phase can generate 5-20 hours of work. Cheaper if you do it in house.
  2. SEO Training. This works well with the point above. If you have the resources to do a lot of the SEO yourself but merely do not know what to do and how to proceed with that work, then I can train you or your staff at your Sunshine Coast business location. Or, I can put together a training plan to suit your exact needs.
  3. Full service SEO. This is for those business who just want it done and have the financial resources. You will still need to be involved but I’ll get most of it done – I’ll cover every aspect of your SEO in it in a logical and Google-friendly manner to ensure optimal success.


How long does SEO take?

There are no shortcuts with SEO nowadays – it requires a concerted effort over the longer term in order to see results in a competitive market. Chances are your competitors are doing SEO plus Google does not readily raise websites higher in the rankings.  If it was easy or you could do it for a couple hundred bucks then everyone would do it and the Google search results would be unstable. But what we see is stability in the Google results (generally) you’ll see the same websites rankings highly for long periods but a continuous effort does reap rewards with higher rankings, more traffic and more business.

In reality, for a brand new website, it can take up to 3 months to see rankings start to move, another 3 or 4 months to start to see meaningful results and up to a year to get top rankings in Google.  It can happen quicker for aged websites with higher authority.

Of course, we’ll focus on the quick wins and identify search terms that are more easily obtained and focus on those, while working on the more competitive phrases on a longer-term basis.

Everything is reported fully so that we can track progress and make plans.

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